Course Description

Structural Geology and Tectonics – Workshop

Relevant to fracturing and hydrocarbon migration into and within reservoirs
(The link between stress, fracturing and fluid flow in the crust) 

Duration: 5 days

  • Presenter: Professor John Cosgrove (Imperial College)
  • Prerequisites: Some understanding of principles of stress and brittle failure
  • Aims: To give an overview of the role of fluids in the generation of fracture sets and fracture networks and the subsequent impact of these on fluid migration into and within reservoirs
  •  Who should attend?  Petroleum geologists involved in characterising fractured reservoirs

Learning Outcomes: The course will enable the participant to determine the stress states during the evolution of different types of basins and to predict quantitatively the resulting fracture patterns and the movement of fluids through these fracture networks.

Day – 1

  • Stress
  • Brittle Failure
  • Fluid induced failure
  • The geological expression of fluid induced failure

 Day – 2

  • The links between stress, fracture and fluid flow.
  • The stress state in the crust
  • Mechanical principles governing joint & fault geometry
  • The movement of fluids through low permeability rocks

 Day – 3        

  • Fracture sets – the build up of fracture networks
  • Techniques of fracture analysis
  • Fracture induced permeability – Its quantification
  • The evolution of fractures during the formation and deformation of a rift basin

Day – 4

  • The evolution of strike-slip faults and the formation of pull-apart basins
  • Fault reactivation
    • Thin skinned fold-thrust belts
    • Thin-skinned extension
  • Basement involved contraction
  • Basement involved extension
  • Seismic pumping
  • Diapirism

Day – 5

  • The migration of fluids within a fold-thrust belt and its impact on dolomitisaton and hydrocarbon migration and accumulation.
  • Use of Analogue and numerical modelling in structural geology

Course material: A comprehensive manual including copies of key references, case studies and exercise sheets.

Price per delegate £3950.00

Location: London

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CosgroveDr John Cosgrove is professor in Structural Geology in the Department of Earth Sciences and Engineering, Royal School of Mines, Imperial College. His present research interests relate to the interplay between Stress fractures and fluid flow in the crust. This has involved the study of the dewatering of basins and the impact of the resulting fluids on mineralization and hydrocarbon migration & concentration. He has published extensively and is joint author with Neville Price of a text book ‘Analysis of Geological structures. Click here to read more…