Course Description

Moodle Course Design – Two Days Workshop

In this hands on two days workshop our instructor will take you through every step of developing your first online course and you will create and explore simple resources and activities within the course created by you. This course is supported by a complimentary online course and wealth of support material on our site. For more information go to the bottom of this page.

Moodle courses are the spaces (i.e. a virtual classroom) on Moodle where you can add learning materials for your students, manage your learners activities, and keep in touch with them.. Your Moodle administrator usually creates the courses (an empty shell). You can then add the content and re-organise them according to their own needs. The course below is about creating, organising and managing course.

Learning outcome

  • Setting up your course
  • Preparing your course layout
  • Adding learning resources
  • Adding learning activities
  • Enrolling students on your course
  • Re-use and archive activities and courses
  • Monitor students activity logs within a course
  • Conducting assessment, collaboration and communication using Moodle tools

Course Content

1- Course attributes, settings, and controls

Moodle provides extensive number of settings and control options for each course to help you and your Moodle administrator to manage your course. We will take you through them and make sure you get to know the essentials ones.

2- Course Design

Typically most instructors and teacher do prepare their notes, quiz and exercises. Also they plan the course delivery schedule, breaks, tests, exams and other course activities. We will try to use these familiar skills and show you how to map them on your online course.

3- Adding resources

A resource is an item such as a text, images, video, file, links, or externally ran program needed to support you course. Moodle supports a range of resource types, which you can add to your course, and we will examine most of them together. (book, file, folder, page, URL)

 4- Adding activities

Activity is a general name used in Moodle describing series of features which allow students to interact with other students, teacher, and or the system. There are 14 different types of activities in the standard Moodle and we will cover the most of them with you (Forum, Choice, Chat, Glossary, Quiz, Assignment)

 5- Extra tools

Through the day you will be introduced to theses additional tools necessary for managing your course content and students activities (Creating question Bank, Archiving and reusing course materials, )Monitoring students’ activity logs.

Target Audience:

Trainers, teachers, tutors, course designers etc. responsible for designing and developing online or blended courses, regardless of your area of subject matter expertise, academic or business sector and the age of your target learners.

Duration: 2 Days
Location: London
Level: 6
Credit: 6

Price per delegate £450.00

(Including the online course & Certification)

Group Booking

We can schedule a class for this course (subject to time and location). For further information please contact us.

In-house Training

If you would like this course delivered in house, please let us know where and approximately when you would like the training to take place. For this service please contact us.

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