Course Description

The Educators Benchmark English Test (BET) provides a basis for learners to plan their language learning, set or adjust goals, and monitor progress by joining our online program ELMP (English Learning Management Program). BET is also used by the educators and institutions for benchmarking their students.

Taking BET via our partner organisations:

BET is made of 50 multiple choice questions (selected from large bank of questions) and come is 4 levels, elementary, intermediate, upper intermediate, and advance. BET questions addresses the following ares:

  • Grammatical Knowledge (to construct accurate sentences and includes knowledge of vocabulary, syntax)
  • Textual Knowledge (separated into two components: knowledge of cohesion and knowledge of rhetorical or conversational organization)
  • Functional Knowledge (to map sentences onto underlying intentions and vice versa.)
  • Sociolinguistic Knowledge (it governs how the setting affects actual language use, situation, place, purpose of transaction and social situation.)
  • Strategic Competence (this provides a management function in language use, as well as in other cognitive activities)

What Next:

  1. TAKE a test. (BET test is only available from our participating partners)
  2. GET your benchmark.
  3. SET your goal.
  4. JOIN the EMLS program

To take a BET test you need to contact one our participating partners. In most centres an Educators’ Academy approved certificate of achievement will be issued for the successful candidate (subject to the local providers’ rules).

Once you have received your results you can apply for the EMLP program. Click her for more information.

Course Fee: Free with any other course registration