Course Description

This Recruitment and Selection course describes in detail the process HR professionals and managers go through as they define and prepare job specifications and selection process. This course outlines the processes involved in the planning and conducting of professional interviews, plus the vetting and the selection process, with a close look at the laws and regulations related to the employment industry.Members’ fast login Request information Apply


This course prepare you a recruitment job in any HR department or you may prefer to work in an agency. You will learn about the steps involved in the recruitment and selection process, as well as the process of making a job offer, and preparing the contract of employment. Finally, the course introduces you to the steps involved in disciplinary procedure, dismissal and termination of the contract. This course will be of great interest to all HRM professionals and managers who would like to learn more about modern human resource selection and recruitment procedures, and anyone interested in HR as a career.

Learning Outcomes:

  • – Explain the steps to an effective recruitment process;
  • – Develop a job analysis and job description and identify specific job skills;
  • – Explain and discuss the steps involved in the selection process;
  • – Explain the various types of interviews and interview questions;
  • – Explain the various types of vetting, and back ground check
  • – Explain the disciplinary procedures;
  • – Explain the dismissal procedure and termination of contract;

Key Topics: 

Introduction- Human Resource Requirements, Human Resource Planning, Human Resources Policy, Pay and Rewards Strategies

Recruitment procedure- Preparing a job descriptions; Preparing Person specifications; Advertisement; Application forms

Selection criteria- Short Listing;  Interview; Appointment; Prevention of Illegal Working; Selection Process

Employee vetting and documentation- Vetting; Pre-employment checks; Criminal records checks; Social media: pre-employment checks; Check if someone can work in the UK

Job offers procedure- Process of making a job offer; Making a Job Offer; Extending The Job Offer

Contact of employment- Contracts of employment; Contract terms; Written statement; Contracts of employment Step by step guide; Verbal contract

Disciplinary procedures- Writing disciplinary proceedings; Disciplinary investigations and hearings;Appeals

Dismissal and termination of the contract- Dismissal; Reasons you can be dismissed; Unfair and constructive dismissal; Termination of an employment contract; Bullying and harassment at work; Grievance

Employment Legislation- Employment Relations Act 2004, Work and Families Act 2006, The Sex Discrimination Act (1995), The Race Relations Act (1976), The Disability Discrimination Act (1995), Data Protection Act, and more

Content: Video, Notes, Articles, and Assignments
Duration: 60 hours
Level: 4
Credit: 3
Price: £75.00

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