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Our team at, provides a total solution, from design to implementation. We can create a training program that is an exact fit for your organisation’s requirements, including online delivery, face-to-face workshops, and performance tracking and valuation. Our highly scalable service model allows us to deliver a very high quality standard to our clients irrespective of the size of their project.

Education & Training Services:


We specialise in developing and designing academic and corporate training programs to our client’s specifications. Our international experience in the education business allows us to provide our clients a unique international reach and to overcome the cultural barriers with a closer understanding of our client’s requirements. Our international presence brings the most relevant qualities and expertise to your projects with a solid understanding of business models. We will work closely with your team, from product conception to implementation or at any stage in the development cycle.

  • Curriculum development
  • Developing a Training program
  • Developing modules’ content
  • Setting-up and launching of Training programs
  • Consultancy services
  • Providing relevant certifications


As part of our product development services we provide our clients with a comprehensive list of resource requirements. This is done to allow our clients to start work on capacity building well in advance of the program launch. Beside the development and design of innovative learning programs we also offer resource development services, including management and development of personnel.

  • Technical assistance and training on organisational capacity to successfully enable members to deliver their respective tasks.
  • Professional development and training to assist education leaders and practitioners to become fully in-line with the program.
  • Soliciting suitable partners to deliver education programs (Including certified qualifications from Certificate to Masters Levels).
  • Provide international lecturers, speakers, advisors.
  • Virtual Learning Solutions from conception to execution.
  • Development of learning content for training programs.



The use of new technologies in classrooms can be traced to the nineteen forties, but the speed of this integration has become exponential in the twenty first century due to three main factors. First is the availability of hardware at affordable prices both to the learners and teaching institutions. The second factor is the development in the telecommunication network and the opportunities that World Wide Web (WWW) has created. And finally the third factor is the ever-growing volume of content, which has become available via www.

Our team in is in the forefront of this technology and ready to help you to embrace the latest development. We provide total solution service, from design and training to full implementation and turnkey solutions. E-learning services provides scalable solution to clients, from a single online class room to a fully fledged independent Virtual Learning environment (VLE). We will be happy to advise on any size project just email us with your requirements and we will get back to you.