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Whether it is the first job you are looking for or a career change, the first step you should take is to identify your skills list. Many job hunters are keeping themselves out of work as they do not adequately evaluate their skills and this leads to longer job hunts and less pay. Get to know yourself, do a self assessment test.

Self assessment is the process of gathering information about you, in order to make an informed decision.

  • Conduct a self assessment test
  • Take inventory of your skills
  • Check the job descriptions
  • Prepare your skill map

Self Assessment and Skill Audit Summary

You can download and print out the skill Self-Assessment Audit test and check your score against the scoring system given at the bottom of the test. This will help you plan your improvement, and priorities the areas, which need attention. If you decide to do any form of assessment, you have to be very honest, there is no contest and nobody is judging you.

Notes: There is some difference between abilities and skills for resume purposes. Though there is a large gray area in the definitions used in job hunting and by employers, knowing the difference can help you evaluate your expertise. Remember that expressing them correctly is most important. Read more, “Skill Audit before writing your resume and CV” article by Phil Baker

You can do this on your own or get help from a career counselor. Make a skills list for your resume before you begin writing it. Use a job skills list to take full account of what you have to offer. In addition to the skill list related to your professional life, you have to prepare the following as well.

Make your first list (add more to it as you progress)
Your personality
Ex: Are you shy or outgoing? What motivates you? What makes you happy or sad?
Your interests
What are your hobbies? What do you enjoy doing?
Your achievements
In personal life as well as career wise
Your skills
Computer programs, languages… 
After you have completed your skill list, collect as many as possible job descriptions relating to your dream job, make a second list for each job (List the skills the employer is seeking) and use the same keywords as in the job description.

  1. Compile the list of skills required for your dream job.
  2. Compare your skill list with the skill requirement list.
  3. Identify your missing skills.
  4. Get your action plan to remedy the situation.

It is essential to prepare your plan of action to fill the gaps in your skills if you want to get your dream job.


Follow each link for more details:


Skill Map

You will find this simple skill matrix extremely effective to get you closer to your dream job.Get The Table

Skill Audit

There are 48 questions, split into 8 groups in this test. Read each question and tick the value, which you feel is most appropriate to you.Get The Test

Skill List

Take inventory of your skills for resume writing. Use the job skills list here to take full account of what you have to offer.Get The List

Jobs List

Check the Job Descriptions glossary listed on this page (This list is gathered in relation to the courses on offer by More
Resume Writing

Are you ready to move on to the next stage?

Make sure you have completed your skill matrix, including dates and actions!

Resume Writing

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