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In the competitive, internet-driven world of job searches, your resume represents you to potential employers. It serves as your tool to attract attention, get the interview and get the job. A great resume will make you stand out from other candidates by showcasing your aptitudes.

A well-written resume can make a difference between being stuck at your current job and getting an interview to land the job of your dreams.

Think of your resume as your sales pitch – you need to sell yourself in the best possible way. Invest some time and research into preparing your resume. Your resume should be a one to two page document. The heading of the resume should contain your name, address and contact information. The body of the resume should be broken into the following sections:

  • Career objective
  • Profile – Summary
  • Professional experience
  • Achievements and Scholastics
  • References


How to Prepare Your Resume Summary


To prepare your resume, first complete the inventory of your skills (Skill Matrix), before you begin writing your resume. Use  your skill matrix to take full account of what you have to offer. Follow the checklist above to structure your resume. more detail on resume writing is given bellow, plus further tips for powering up your resume.

  1. Career objective
  2. Profile – Summary
  3. Professional experience
  4. Achievements and Scholastics
  5. References
The Application Cover Letter is as important as the resume itself. Since it leads to the first impression on the applicant, it is imperative that you write an effective application letter to make a good impression. Application Cover Letters are Written in Response to a Known Vacancy

These are:
1) A letter in response to a known job vacancy,
2) A letter inquiring about possible vacancies and
3) A networking letter which asks for assistance with the job search.
  • First: Your skills and attributes match the employer’s needs.
  • Second: More than 91% of selected candidates had included their contact details on their resume, cover letter, and job application and the information was consistent.
  • Third: Quite a few of successful candidates had somehow captured the corporate language of the company.
  • Fourth: Not all the resumes were perfect. But if not flawless they were close.
  • Fifth: The writing was easy to read, the format was clean and there were usually never more than two fonts used and two font sizes.
  • Sixth: The writing had been skillfully crafted to include accomplishment statements with measurable results using power words to make the points.
  • Seventh: Almost every selected candidate had been articulate and to the point in their cover letter. Many of the cover letters had been addressed to a specific person.

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Inspiring Interns believes that one answer to make sure your CV is given the attention it deserves is through the use of a video in which you outline your skills, ambitions and reasons for applying to the job in question. Have a look at this video CV infographic, it should help you get started, with best practice advice and some information on how to get your video out there.


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