Certificate programs are targeted courses addressing a single subject that can generally be completed in a short time. They can be critical components in building your resume in business, education, and other vocations. Certificates acknowledge your skills and abilities in professional trades, management procedures, or essential fields relevant to your trade.

Assessment and Certification

Registration and completion of a course does not lead to certification. To achieve certification you have to satisfy the course requirements, which will be assessed by TheEducators examiners. These courses vary in their requirements to their level and complexity such as class schedules, assignment deadlines, and classroom participation.

EQF levels

All our courses have a level (1-8) assigned to them using the EQF (European Qualification Framework) reference system. The EQF is a common European reference system, which will link different countries’ national qualifications systems and frameworks together.

More information is available at: 
The European Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning


All certificates are issued by TheEducators (unless it is stated otherwise). The information enclosed in each certificate allows any educational institution or employer to identify the content of the course, the level of training, the skills achieved by the learner and duration of the course. Further information on the course or specific certificates is freely available for inspection.