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Cavendish College LondonCavendish College London alumni students are recommended to join the college Facebook page to be kept up to date.The Educators has been assigned to deal with all Cavendish London Alumni enquiries. For all enquires go to the records page or click on the Cavendish College image. Join us on Facebook.

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The Educators online courses are designed to land you with your dream job.
And they have some awesome features, lectures, concise notes, engaging activities, advanced platform, and so much more!

Dream Job

All you need to know in one place. Free Step-by-Step advice to get you closer to your dream job, including; resume writing, interview techniques, job search, and more.Learn More

Our Courses

The Educators’ courses are designed to suit the job market. Each lesson is broken down to a suitable size for people on the move and our robust online course manager insures the continuity.Learn More


The Educators’ Virtual Leaning Environment is built on Moodle platform (the World most popular VLE). The user interface is intuitive and our courses are structured to give you a simple flow through the lessons. Learn More


We actively encourage the involvement and interest of all educators, and invite you to visit our support program. We hope to be instrumental to encourage more educators to go online and share their professional knowledge.Learn More

Cavendish University Uganda

Cavendish University Uganda in partnership with Cavendish College London (LIEF) has been registered in Uganda under the Education Act, CAP136, of the Laws of Uganda for the purpose of providing ‘university Education’. This means it is a recognized private education university. All our courses lead to qualifications that are internationally recognised. For More details…


Cavendish University Zambia was registered in Zambia under the Education Act, for the purpose of providing ‘University Education’. This accreditation indicates that the institution has satisfied the Ministry of Education in respect of: its premises; its general organization, the control and supervision exercised over both students and staff; the quality of its teaching and supporting services, including the suitability of courses for the needs of its students; the welfare of its students; and its legal and financial viability. For More details…


Paya Education Institute

Paya Educational Institute

 Paya educational institute has been a Cavendish Aproved Training Centre since 1998. PAYA institute endeavors to raise the scientific level of all those interested , by carrying out various courses pertaining to arts in conformity with the standards of  Cavendish International. For More Details…

FAD InternationalInspiring Individuality”

To think independently, to experiment endlessly and to create fearlessly… The FAD philosophy is to “Inspire Individuality”. Individuality in thought, Individuality in actions, Individuality in Style and Individuality in Identity… Art & Design is about expressing oneself and FAD provides the environment – the environment that inspires an individual to think experiment and create. For More Detail …

London Centre of Management

London Centre for Management

LCM exists to provide course content, examinations and qualifications for those ambitious individuals who want to succeed, whether in positions of responsibility in business, industry or the arts or higher academic and professional courses. For More Detail …

London College of ArtsLondon College of Arts

Overseas schools, colleges and universities (Centres) have the opportunity to offer the courses of the London College of Arts (LCA) in their own country. Career courses and qualifications are available in the following subject areas, many at Single Subject Award, Certificate, and Diploma level. For More Detail …

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