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What Attracts Talent?

In today’s climate, companies that want to attract and retain the best talent will look for the best ways to develop employees along the way. If that describes your company, you have to invest in people with the understanding that you’re going to help them grow professionally. Paradoxically, though, developing employees will likely help you retain the high performers among them.

Secrets to keeping the best talent in 2017
This old […]

It’s official: Learning improves career prospects

Learning improves career prospects. New report finds that a third of men and nearly a third of women who participated in further education got a better job as a result.
A third of men and nearly a third of women who participated in further education (FE) got a better job as a result, Skills Minister Matthew Hancock announced today.

This is the key finding from The Impact of FE Learning, a new […]


Again the question of low productivity is raised from United State to European countries and beyond. This decrease in productivity is happening, despite the fact that most of us are working harder than ever and our pay has hardly increased over the last few years. One wonders why. May be it is a ploy by the corporations to get us to work harder for a less pay. But, there […]

Gelareh Keshavarz

Gelareh Keshavarz is an e-learning specialist , Occupation Specific Language Training (OSLT) Coordinator, and an Academic English Instructor. She has been teaching OSLT Courses to Internationally Educated Professionals in London and Canada for almost 20 years. She is specialized in teaching Blended and Multisite courses where participants from different colleges connect through various online platforms. Gelareh is an Academic Writing Instructor at the School of Continuing studies at the […]

Active Learning

Active Learning In Online Training
In 1991, Charles C. Bonwell and James A. Eison stated in their report Active Learning: Creating Excitement in the Classroom that active learning is about “involving students in doing things and thinking about what they are doing. (…) When using active learning students are engaged in more activities than just listening. They are involved in dialog, debate, writing, and problem solving, as well as higher-order thinking, e.g., analysis, […]

From Ideas To Reality

Turn Your Ideas To Reality

Do you find that you’re always full of ideas, but you find yourself getting stuck and feeling unable to move forward with any of them?

It isn’t that you lack innovation, or even that you lack the motivation to make a decision. The problem is that you lack the tools you need for effective execution.

Technology has become so advanced that you often have a multitude of […]

How does the Crowdfunding works?

Entrepreneurs worldwide realise crowdfunding helps in ways that traditional lending channels cannot.

One is that good ideas seen as too innovative by big financial firms, but realised for their brilliance by the population at large, can come to life.
The second is crowdfunding acts as a form of marketing. In the era of the attention economy, crowdfunding is a way to get your idea noticed in order to build momentum within a […]

Key elements of a business plan

Every business (startup, existing business, non-profit) should have a business plan – and, in fact, even individuals should have a business model & a plan for themselves. The reason is because

(1) writing it down makes your idea concrete, and (2) it is the first step to business success. 

Here are some key elements of a business plan:

Target Audience: Who is the customer? Is this customer new or different from your existing customer?

Value Proposition: Why should […]

Secrets to Good Planning

We’ve all been there. Somewhere between “We need a strategy!” and having all the answers on a page. Whether you are attempting a business strategy, a marketing or communications approach or some other planning here are the secrets to good planning to keep you on course and get your answer quickly:
Eight Good Planning Tips:
1- Remember strategy is just a fancy word for planning
Don’t lose sight of what a strategy is. In its […]

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  • add the human element to your online/eLearning
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    How do you add the human element to your online/eLearning for higher education course?

How do you add the human element to your online/eLearning for higher education course?

There are different ways to add the human element to your eLearning. For example you can provide a conversational rather than lecture type tone to your learning package and also promote and utilize forums as an extension of teacher. One very effective way could be to constantly keep in touch with the learner by sending little bits that either add to the learning material or indirectly aid their learning in […]

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    Road Map For The Next Generation of Work – Paradigm shift (1)

Road Map For The Next Generation of Work – Paradigm shift (1)

This road map for the next generation of work is for the up and coming entrepreneurs to make sure they start on the right foot.

What happens when the tools and technologies we use every day become mainstream parts of the business world?
What happens when we stop leading separate “consumer” and “professional” lives when it comes to technology stacks?

The result is a dramatic change in the products we use at work […]

Dr Cédric John

Dr Cédric John

2008-current: Lecturer, Department of Earth Science and Engineering, Imperial College London, UK.
2005-2008: Staff scientist, Integrated Ocean Drilling Program, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX.
2004-2005: Postdoctoral fellow, Department of Earth Sciences, University of California, Santa Cruz, CA.
2003 : Ph.D. (Dr. Rer. Nat.), magna cum laude, University of Potsdam, Germany.


Carbonate Sequence Stratigraphic Techniques: Applications to Reservoir Studies

Dr Matthew D. Jackson

Dr M. Jackson is a Senior Lecturer in Reservoir Engineering in the Department of Earth Science and Engineering at Imperial College London. He has a BSc in Physics from Imperial College London and a PhD in Geophysical Fluid Mechanics from the University of Liverpool.  He joined Imperial College in 1997 as a Research Associate.
Dr Jackson’s research interests are in reservoir monitoring and modelling, with applications to improved oil and […]

Professor David J Sanderson

David Sanderson is Professor of Tectonics and Geomechanics in the School of Civil Engineering and the Environment at the University of Southampton. His main technical areas of interests are in tectonics, tectonophysics and geomechanics.
David is a former Professor of Geophysics at the University of Southampton (1989-1998) and HH Read Professor of Geology at Imperial College (1998-2007). He has published over 130 scientific papers and a recent book on distinct […]

Professor Martin J Blunt

Martin Blunt is Professor of Petroleum Engineering and Head of the Department of Earth Science and Engineering at Imperial College London. He has an MA in Natural Sciences and a PhD in Physics from Cambridge University.  From 1988-1992 he was a research reservoir engineer for BP.  From 1992-1999 he was on the faculty of the Department of Petroleum Engineering at Stanford University first as Assistant and then as Associate […]

Dr. Gary J. Hampson

Dr. Gary Hampson is a Senior Lecturer in Sedimentary Geology in the Department of Earth Science and Engineering at Imperial College London. He received a BA degree in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge (1991) and a PhD degree in sedimentology and sequence stratigraphy from the University of Liverpool (1995), prior to undertaking post-doctoral research at the University of Würzburg, Germany. He joined Imperial College in 1997 and […]

Professor Alain C. Gringarten

Professor Alain C. Gringarten holds the Chair of Petroleum Engineering in the Department of Earth Science and Engineering at Imperial College in London, where he is also director of the Centre for Petroleum Studies. Prior to joining Imperial College in 1997, he spent fourteen years with Scientific Software-Intercomp; five years with Schlumberger; and five years with the Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières in Orléans, France, in various technical […]

Dr John Cosgrove

Dr John Cosgrove is professor in Structural Geology in the Department of Earth Sciences and Engineering, Royal School of Mines, Imperial College. He obtained an MSc in Structural Geology & Rock Mechanics and a PhD from Imperial College in 1972. He spent 2 years on a Post-doctoral Fellowship at MacMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada before returning in 1973 to Imperial College to take up a lectureship.
Present research interests relate […]

Dr. Velisa Vesovic

Dr. Velisa Vesovic is a Reader in Transport Phenomena at Imperial College London. His research is in modelling transport phenomena and his expertise is in thermophysical properties, with special emphasis on reservoir fluids. The work encompasses both the fundamental and applied research. The applied research focuses on: prediction of the viscosity of reservoir fluids including heavy oil; influence of different transport phenomena on compositional segregation (interplay among different diffusional […]

Dr Fivos Spathopoulos

Dr Fivos Spathopoulos studied Geology in the University of Athens, Greece. He then received a M.Sc. in Marine Geology & Geophysics from the University College, London and a Ph.D. in Geology from the same university. He worked as an exploration petroleum geologist for 16 years (mostly in Hess Ltd) and was involved in several source rock evaluation projects in many basins of the world. He is the author of […]

Dr Michael Ala

Dr Michael Ala has been closely associated with the oil industry for more than 30 years both as an exploration geologist with an independent oil company and as a consultant. He has a BSc in Oil Technology and an MSc, PhD and DIC in Petroleum Geology from Imperial College.
In 1972 he joined Seagull Exploration International and was involved in exploration studies and prospect evaluation in many parts of the […]

Tony Zohari – Digital Media Analyst

Tony Zohari, BSc, MSc Business Administration, Digital Media Analyst. In mid 80’s Tony worked for TagNama Co. on design and implementation of the CQI system for the construction industry. After his study as System Automotive Technician at Wenstromska Institute in Vestrås/Sweden in early 90’s, he moved to Gothenburg, and continued his study at Tröllhattan University in Technical Production and Computerized System. While still at university on a work placement at SAAB […]

Gayane Yeghiazaryan

Gayane Yeghiazaryan- Founder and Director of Study Abroad

With experience working at both the elementary and high school levels in and out of the classroom, Gayane Yeghiazaryan has a diverse background with much to offer. Her first classroom experience was as an English teacher.

In addition, she worked as a Test Developer and became a Teacher Trainer at the Center for Education Projects (Armenia Ministry of Education and Science and World […]

Alan Taylor

Alan Taylor, Born in the “Home Counties” outside London, Alan completed his formal education at the London School of Economics. He then had the opportunity to commence his business career by working in the media for a national newspaper group. This was with Beaverbrook Newspapers, working primarily on The Sunday Express.

In due course, he moved on to join Reed-Elsevier which, at that time, was the largest magazine publishing company in […]

Gayane Harutyunyan

Gayane  Harutyunyan  has  a diverse academic background: Higher education(English  Language professor, 5-year Diploma –MA equivalent)  in the former USSR; Certified Educational   Consultant and Trainer, Open Society Institute, USA-Armenia; Certified Civic Education   teacher trainer (Curriculum Development Project, The University of Iowa, USA); Certified  teacher  trainer (Project “Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking”  Open Society Institute, USA-Armenia); Certificate for the successful completion of the Freedom Support Act Contemporary Issues Fellowship Program  […]

Siamak Taslimi

CEO of
E-learning technology and course development with currently occupies most of my time. This company was formed as a technology hub for the group and we are expanding its service provision to a wider audience. Teaching, mentoring, and coaching is where my passion rest and it has always been part and parcel of my work.


Siamak Taslimi MSc BSc ARSM

Master Professional – Member European Mentoring and Coaching Council […]

Bruce Sheppy

Bruce Sheppy BMilSc, MSc, MBA, FHEA, CM (SA) FInstDir (SA) has worked in executive and non-executive director roles in the healthcare sector for more than 15 years in various countries in emerging and developing economies of Africa and the Middle East. Bruce lectures in strategy and healthcare related subjects on a portfolio basis at a number of universities. He is currently completing his PHD in quality systems in the […]

Dr Michael Dawson

Dr Michael Dawson has been lecturing at City Banking College since April 2006.  He is a specialist in Research Methods and has a PhD from the London School of Economics.  He also has extensive experience of management, having worked for 16 years in the UK civil service, the last three of which were in the prestigious Senior Civil Service.  Among other jobs, he worked on railway privatisation, the part-privatisation […]

Lynne Pritchard

Lynne Pritchard, decided at the age of three she would draw for a living.  Sixteen  years later while studying for a degree in Theatre Design  at Central Speech and Drama, she became interested in puppetry and exploring narrative, which led to her teaching herself stopmotion animation with an old  Super 8  camera. After completing her degree she gained a job as production assistant at Ealing Animation where she quickly progressed […]

Nicholas Pearson

Nicholas Pearson, BA, Nick is a London-based, contemporary artist, exhibiting in the UK and internationally. Nick joined the regular college staff in 2010 after several years as a visiting art lecturer. Through a programme of modern art and design history lectures, film screenings and other contextual and complimentary studies input, he provides a theoretical module to underpin courses in all areas of the Creative Studies Dept. Nick also has experience […]

Augustine Onyenwe Nwajana

Augustine Onyenwe Nwajana, BEng, MSc, Austin is a research assistant at the School of Computing, Information Technology and Engineering (CITE), University of East London (UEL), having joined in September 2009. At UEL, he successfully completed a research on the ‘design of a microstrip dual band filter for WiMax’. He (together with his supervisor: Dr Kenneth Yeo) is currently in the process of publishing a paper titled “Dual Band Bandpass Filter […]

Roderick Morris

Roderick Morris, Rod is an award winning photographer and film maker who is based in London. His work has been exhibited, published and screened widely in the UK and internationally, he is represented by the agencies Millenium Images and Getty Images. Rod studied under Mick Williamson at London Guildhall University on the diploma in Fine Art and then under Patrick Sutherland at London College of Printing on the Postgraduate course in […]

Heather Kent

Heather Kent, MA, MSc, MBA, FHEA is a trained teacher with over 15 years’ experience and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and Member of the Chartered Management Institute.  Heather has worked in both public and private educational institutions in the UK, Italy and Thailand.   Prior to entering education she spent many years in the hospitality industry where she worked her way up through the ranks to […]

David Hughes

David Hughes, BSc, Diploma (Distinction) in Cobol Programming – Compucentre Ltd, NCC Certification (S.A.E.B) in Systems Analysis and Design. Dave Hughes is Head of the HND Computing and Systems Development Programme and also Head of the University Foundation Programmes in Computing, Engineering, Business and Social Sciences. He is also a senior lecturer in Programming and Systems Analysis and is currently researching materials for a Computer Games programme at both Foundation and […]

John Heather

John Heather, MCIM, Chartered Marketer, John is a visionary consultant in business planning and marketing, and senior business lecturer for Cavendish College London where he delivers a range of course modules.  His sucessful career spanning more than 30 years, has been predominantly in senior executive roles with four “world class” Telecommunications and IT companies – Ericsson, Nortel Networks, IBM and BT. Recently, as part of a four person team, […]

Keith Crook

Keith is a highly accomplished, results orientated, professional teacher. He has had many years of progressive experience, in highly competitive, academic environments. Keith has a track record of successfully meeting diverse and complex challenges, at home, and overseas.

Prior to becoming a qualified teacher, Keith worked for many years in industry. He started in the construction and allied building trades, where he worked as a roofing estimator, and assistant […]

Mark Cholij

Mark Cholij is a graduate of Cambridge University (St Catharine’s College) with a dual Honours degree in Spanish and French. He also has an MA in Latin American Studies from King’s College, London University. As a fully qualified teacher, Mark has a PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education) and, having worked in the state sector, is registered with the Department of Education as a recognised and efficient teacher of Languages. […]

Kavin S. Kanagasabai

Kavin S. Kanagasabai, MBA, M.Phil, MA, is a Lecturer at Cavendish College. He lectures an array of management subjects including Change Management, Leadership, Professional Development, and Organisational Behaviour. He has wide industry experience in sectors as varied as Health, Banking, Finance, and Retail. He had spent a year in Milan, Italy developing the business of a medium-sized wholesale supplier of flooring materials where he is currently involved as a Business […]