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Meanwhile you can follow these instructions:

  • Have a look at the online courses on offer.
  • Do you find them interesting?
  • Would they be helpful to job seekers in your community?
  • Would you recommend them to friends and colleagues?
  • Next we will ask for your CV (resume) with a brief answers to the questions above.

Our courses are designed to help our students to get a well paid job. And for those already in job will help them to move up the position. To who ever you sell our courses you will be doing them a favour, helping them to move up in their life. You earn money and friends and in a short time you will have an strong network to support your sales.

Anyone in work or seeking a job will benefit from our courses. 

Our courses are designed to allow the learners to take their time and plan their training around their life, rather than their life around our courses.

Our course assignments are designed to build our students confidence rater than put them under exam pressure.

Finally our British qualification will be the evidence of their hard work, which they will proud to add it to their CV and resume.

We have train tens of thousands of student over last 30 years and their success has been the proof of our quality and dedication to our students.

Educators provides variety of services, including: online training, face to face courses, content production, instructional design, LME platform services, course validation, course certification, etc… in variety of subjects.