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We believe that the only sustainable solution to the world maladies (poverty, hunger, injustice, ignorance, prejudices,) is Education, Education, and Education. While some of you (The Educators) are already working online yet millions more can join to provide their distinct contribution on this important issue.

We welcome your involvement and interest, both as learners and educators. We invite educators to get involved in our free support program on our dedicated site www.TheEducators.co and develop their online courses.  This invitation is open to everyone who is interested to develop his or her online program, just visit the TheEducators.co

We hope by providing both support and effective courses help our learners to identify their talents, develop their professional career,  and achieve their  full potential.

Siamak Taslimi MSc BSc ARSM 

Master Professional – Member European Mentoring and Coaching Council UK

 EMCC Member

The Educators:

Our Company Mission
Quality Education at Affordable Price
The Educators Philosophy
We believe that the only sustainable solution to the world maladies (poverty, hunger, injustice, ignorance, prejudices,) is Education, Education, and Education. 
The Educators Promise
To our learners: Follow our free guide (Job centre) and you will find your way to that dream job.
We Can Deliver On Projects
To our colleagues: Follow our free guide (Going Online) and you will get your course online. 

Some of our Products & Services

Job Seekers Guide 95%
Instructional Design 85%
Online Course Design 75%
LMS platform instalation 95%
Corporate Training 70%

Think Possibilities – Think The Educators

Meet Our Team

Siamak Taslimi
Siamak TaslimiCEO and Co-founder
An honest approach to teaching and  learning is Siamak’s whole mark
Parto Zare
Parto ZareDirector
Budget, Dead Lines, Targets, Customer Satisfactions are Parto’s Keywords
Tony S Zohari
Tony S ZohariHead of Digital
Creativity, Design and Functionality are the trade mark of Tony’s work
Nima Zohari
Nima ZohariArt Editor
Responsible for producing creative solutions across a wide range of publications, both print and digital.
Fereshteh Moradi
Fereshteh MoradiSales Representative
Fereshteh’s caring personality makes her the perfect candidate for this job.
 Andreia Areal
Andreia ArealCorporate Governance & Personal Development Consultant
Improve the business operations and conciliating such practices with social concerns.
Juan David Zuliani
Juan David ZulianiSustainable Project Leadership and Management Consultant
 Dr. Haroun I. Aliyu
Dr. Haroun I. AliyuManagement Consultant, West Africa
Dr. Aliyu has had extensive experience in Government (water resources management), Oil and Gas, and Automobile sectors for the past twenty five years he was successful in nursing starts-ups in three West African countries.
 Dr. Mamad Pourhosseini
Dr. Mamad PourhosseiniEconometrics Consultant
Dr. Pourhosseini focus on tools and techniques of Quality control, lean management and six Sigma.
Vera Spender-Koubkova
Vera Spender-KoubkovaChange Management & Corporate Strategist
Vera delivering multi-million pound business process redesign and technology-driven change projects within Financial Services and Higher Education, in the UK, Europe and Russia.
 Bruce Sheppy
Bruce SheppyStrategy and Education Consultant
Kyriakos Kyriakopoulos
Kyriakos Kyriakopoulos Finance & Accounting Consultant
Abdur Razzaq
Abdur RazzaqEducation Management Consultant

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